Graphic & website design
Graphic & website design

The world of business needs a lot of marketing done through art. Graphic and website design have become the inevitable tools of the trade, in this age of hyper connectivity.

Our special courses on grafx and web design ensure that you traverse the whole range of tools and gain knowledge in colours, typography and layouts. Your work will find a worldwide audience through advertising agencies and business houses.

Course Content

  • Design fundamentals
  • Computer Aided Image editing
  • Computer Aided Illustration
  • Computer Aided page layout and
  • Publishing
  • Computer Aided vector Animation
  • Computer Aided Web design
  • Digital Audio editing

Dream Zone Graphic & Website Design Course Institute is a creative space where individuals with a passion for visual communication and digital aesthetics can refine their skills. The institute offer comprehensive training programs that cover the fundamentals of graphic design, web design, and the seamless integration of both to create compelling digital experiences.

1. Course Offerings:
Our Graphic & Website Design Institute typically provide a well-rounded curriculum covering graphic design principles, typography, color theory, layout design, UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) design, web development basics, and more. Courses may also delve into industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Suite and web development tools.

2. Expert Faculty:
An essential feature of Dream Zone Graphic & Website Design Institute is its faculty, often composed of experienced designers, web developers, and industry professionals. These instructors bring real-world insights, techniques, and the latest design trends into the classroom, providing students with practical knowledge and mentorship.

3. Cutting-Edge Design Labs:
Well-equipped design labs with the latest hardware and software are crucial for hands-on learning. Dream Zone Graphic & Website Design Institute ensure that students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including design studios and computer labs equipped with industry-standard design and development software.

4. Practical Projects and Real-world Applications:
Our institute emphasize hands-on learning through practical projects and assignments. Students work on real-world design challenges, developing a portfolio that showcases their ability to create visually stunning graphics and user-friendly websites.

5. Industry-Relevant Software Training:
Mastery of design tools is a cornerstone of graphic and web design. Institutes focus on training students in industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and web development tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

6. Portfolio Development:
A significant focus of our institute is helping students build a strong portfolio. This includes showcasing a diverse range of design projects, from branding materials and print collateral to fully functional websites. A well-crafted portfolio is a key asset for students entering the design industry.

7. Collaboration and Team Projects:
Graphic and web design often involve collaboration. Institute encourage teamwork by incorporating group projects into the curriculum, allowing students to experience the dynamics of working in a design team and creating holistic solutions.

8. Career Guidance and Internship Opportunities:
Our reputable Graphic & Website Design Institute provides career guidance and internship opportunities. This may involve connecting students with design agencies, offering internships, and providing guidance on building a successful career in the dynamic and competitive field of design.

Dream Zone Graphic & Website Design Course Institute is a dynamic learning environment that equips aspiring designers with the skills, knowledge, and industry insights needed to thrive in the world of graphic and web design

Students Talk

Sneha K J - Fashion Designer

MagnificientI would like to share my experience about Dreamzone. This is an institute of creative studies and I chose Fashion Designing.I am very happy that I chose this as my career building.The atmosphere here is beautiful. Expert teachers are taking the lessons and they are very good, caring and lovable.

Sumitha - Fashion Designer

Best institute to shape up your career in Fashion Design highly experienced faculty and world class infrastructure .Come join us to shape your careers in right direction with creativity and confidence.

Akhil - interior Designer

Excellent teaching faculties is the main feature of our institute. This institute also provide convenient time schedule and special care to each student which helped me a lot

Ansha - Fashion Designer

Excellent teaching faculties is the main feature of our institute. This institute also provide convenient time schedule and special care to each student which helped me a lot

Alida Sunny - Fashion Designer

100% job placement. Good atmosphere. Friendly staffs and facilities with excellent quality service and experience. Creative Saturday programs which helps students to find their own creative skills. I suggest Dream Zone Thrissur for skill development courses 

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