Jewelry Design
Jewelry Design

Keen to craft handmade jewelry or computer aided jewelry design? The art of making jewelry can be a highly engrossing experience and a rewarding profession as well. By learning basic techniques, you should be able to construct unique styles of jewelry sets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Dream Zone courses cover end to end – from pencil sketching to jewelry assembling to designing, manufacturing and 3D printing jewels.

The goal of the Dream Zone Jewellery creation Institute is to offer thorough instruction and training in the field of jewellery creation. Our goal is to develop the technical and artistic abilities of people who want to work as jewellery designers. 

Dream Zone Jewellery Design Thrissur

Aspiring designers looking to get into the jewelry-making industry might find a starting point at Dream Zone jewellery design. It provides specialised training courses and programmes that are intended to sharpen students' abilities and provide them with the skills and information needed in the fast-paced world of jewellery creation.

Generally, our institution offers a wide variety of courses that address different facets of jewellery design. Topics include design principles, gemology, metalworking processes, computer-aided design (CAD), and business aspects of the jewellery industry are frequently covered in the curriculum. It may be possible for students to focus on fashion jewellery, fine jewellery, or even cutting-edge and experimental designs.

1. Hands-on instruction: The Dream Zone Jewellery Design Institute places a strong emphasis on hands-on instruction. Students can use studios and workshops that are furnished with the equipment and supplies needed to make jewellery. Gaining the practical experience necessary to build the technical skills needed in the profession while working with metals, gemstones, and other materials is essential.

2. Industry-Relevant Faculty: We frequently have faculty members with years of expertise working as jewellery designers. It is ensured that students obtain practical insights, assistance, and mentorship from industry experts, assisting them in understanding current trends and market demands.

3. Technology Integration: Dream Zone jewellery design schools employ CAD software and other digital tools as part of their curriculum because of the industry's technical developments. Students are better equipped to use technology in their creative processes and adjust to contemporary design practises as a result.

4. exhibits and Showcases: Dream Zone Institutes may plan cooperation events, exhibits, or showcases where students can present their works to members of the public, business professionals, and prospective clients. Students gain important exposure and networking chances from this.

5. Career Support: Our jewellery design school frequently offers services to help with job placement, internships, and launching one's own jewellery design company. This guarantees that graduates are ready to start their own businesses or enter the workforce.

The Dream Zone Jewellery Design Institute is a centre for innovation and the growth of skills, giving prospective designers the education, real-world experience, and industry exposure they need to succeed in the jewellery design field.

Students Talk

Sneha K J - Fashion Designer

MagnificientI would like to share my experience about Dreamzone. This is an institute of creative studies and I chose Fashion Designing.I am very happy that I chose this as my career building.The atmosphere here is beautiful. Expert teachers are taking the lessons and they are very good, caring and lovable.

Sumitha - Fashion Designer

Best institute to shape up your career in Fashion Design highly experienced faculty and world class infrastructure .Come join us to shape your careers in right direction with creativity and confidence.

Akhil - interior Designer

Excellent teaching faculties is the main feature of our institute. This institute also provide convenient time schedule and special care to each student which helped me a lot

Ansha - Fashion Designer

Excellent teaching faculties is the main feature of our institute. This institute also provide convenient time schedule and special care to each student which helped me a lot

Alida Sunny - Fashion Designer

100% job placement. Good atmosphere. Friendly staffs and facilities with excellent quality service and experience. Creative Saturday programs which helps students to find their own creative skills. I suggest Dream Zone Thrissur for skill development courses 

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